Welcome to the Houseplant Resource Center

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Welcome to The Houseplant Resource Center Welcome to The Houseplant Resource Center. I started this website because I want to make growing houseplants as simple and easy as possible.    Houseplant Misinformation There is a ton of information out there which can be complex and overwhelming.  When it comes to [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Pothos Varieties

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Around here, we’re big fans of pothos plants! After all, pothos varieties are beautiful, easygoing, and some of the most beginner-friendly houseplants out there. Pothos also comes in many different varieties. If you take a trip to any local nursery or home improvement store, you’ll notice several different pothos varieties [...]

Monstera Propagation in 5 Minutes

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Monstera Propagation in 5 Minutes What is better than one monstera plant? Two or more monstera plants, of course! Monstera propagation does not have to be complicated. Learn more about when to propagate your monstera, the tools you need, and the steps to be successful.    Benefits of Propagation Propagated [...]

The Best Place to Buy a Majesty Palm Online

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Majesty palms are beautiful, relatively low-maintenance houseplants that bring a touch of the tropics into your home. If you’ve owned a few low-maintenance houseplants before and are ready to add another to your houseplant collection, this is a great choice! But where’s the best place to buy a majesty palm online? [...]

How to Prune and Propagate Your Majesty Palm

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One of the most exciting parts of houseplant parenthood (in my opinion) is propagating your plants. I love cloning my favorite houseplants and giving them away as gifts, or keeping them to myself! Let’s talk about how to prune and propagate your majesty palm.   Why and How to Prune [...]

The Best Soil for Majesty Palms

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A plant’s pot is its environment, so choosing the right soil is crucial! Each plant prefers a slightly different type of soil, so let’s talk about the best soil for majesty palms. Soil performs a few different functions for plants. It provides support for the roots so a plant can [...]

The Best Majesty Palm Fertilizer

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Majesty palms are beautiful houseplants, and they’re relatively easy to care for. They grow slowly, so you don’t have to repot or prune them very often. You only need to water when the top few inches of soil are dry. They’re perfect for beginners and experienced houseplant owners alike!  While [...]

How and When to Water Your Majesty Palm

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Majesty palms are a beautiful way to bring a tropical, exotic vibe into your space, and one of the most important elements of caring for one (and any plant) is proper watering. If you water too little or not often enough, you may find your palm strands may yellow, dry [...]

How to Reverse Over-Fertilization in Houseplants

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Fertilizer is an important part of your plant care routine, but you can have too much of a good thing!  Plants need nutrients to be healthy, but it’s essential to provide the right amounts of those nutrients, not too much or too little. Just like us, plants’ health can suffer [...]

How to Treat Common Majesty Palm Problems

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Majesty palms are beautiful, easy-to-care-for houseplants that add a laid-back, tropical vibe to any space. While they are easygoing plants, they aren’t immune to problems! It’s important to know which issues to watch out for in your majesty palm and how to recognize and treat them so that you can [...]

The Complete Golden Pothos Care Guide

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Golden pothos, or Epipremnum aureum, is a fantastic plant for beginning houseplant parents and experienced indoor gardeners alike! With its stunning green and yellow variegated leaves and easygoing nature, this plant is a winner for nearly any personality or environment. And if you’re like me, this might be your gateway [...]

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