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The Ultimate Guide to Philodendron Plants: Everything You Need to Know

By |2024-02-20T00:24:56+00:00November 8th, 2022|Houseplants for Beginners, Houseplant Basics|

If you're looking for a plant that is both easy to care for and aesthetically pleasing, look no further than the philodendron. This hardy plant can thrive in a wide [...]

How to Care for Umbrella Trees: Schefflera Care for Beginners

By |2023-11-22T20:37:36+00:00June 17th, 2021|Houseplant Basics, Houseplants for Beginners|

Schefflera Care for Beginners Schefflera is a gorgeous genus of shrubs and trees known for its attractive leaf clusters that mimic the shape of an umbrella. In fact, the most [...]


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