Houseplants For Beginners Webinar

Join Claire Akin, from The Houseplant Resource Center for an exclusive webinar all about houseplants! The Houseplants for Beginners Webinar is the first step to developing your green thumb. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why I Created the Houseplant Resource Center
  • Care and Propagation Guides
  • Plants and your Emotional Health
  • 3 things every houseplant needs to thrive
  • Watering 101: Which Plants like to be Wet vs. Dry
  • Soil 101
  • Common Houseplant Problems
  • Easy Plants for Beginners

All webinar viewers receive a special coupon for 20% off! Begin your houseplant journey on the right foot. Sign up for free today!

Claire Akin

Claire Akin, Houseplant Resource Center

I’m Claire and I love houseplants! I love pothos, dracaena, and monstera, but one of my very favorite plants is the fiddle leaf fig. I created the Houseplant Resource Center to share what I’ve learned about growing green and gorgeous plants.