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Continue reading below to find the answers to some common questions we receive:

How much food should I use on a houseplant? I have 4” potted plants. How will I know if my plant is getting enough fertilizer? I wish my plant could tell me how it's feeling! What color is the fertilizer? What’s an NPK ratio and what does it mean for my houseplant? Can I use this fertilizer on my succulents? How can I learn more about the beautiful fiddle leaf fig plants?
What exactly is root rot? I started using the Root Supplement yesterday, but so far nothing is happening. What should I do? What is the “integrated growing plan” I hear you talk about, and how will it help with my plant's root rot problem? Can you explain the difference between the phosphite in Root Supplement and regular phosphate in typical fertilizers? Can I mix Root Supplement with Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food? What color is Root Supplement? How do I use Root Supplement for my plants? Can I use Root Supplement on all my houseplants, even succulents? My houseplant is growing new leaves and getting healthier, but why are the brown spots on the old leaves still there? What’s going on? Even though my houseplant doesn’t have root rot, can I still use Root Supplement as a preventative measure?
Can I just use regular garden soil for my houseplants? How frequently should I repot my indoor houseplants? What is biochar, and why is it important for soil? You say your indoor plant soil provides good water drainage, but don’t plants NEED water to survive?
There's dust on the leaves of my indoor houseplants. Should I do something about that? I’m new to growing houseplants. What would be a good “starter” plant? How do I know what pot size is best for my houseplant? I know everyone says that over-watering plants is bad, but how much is too much, and how do I tell? My houseplant is almost dead, but I’m all out of options. What should I do? I’m about to purchase my first houseplant; what should I look for before making my final decision? The The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert: Your Guide to Growing Healthy Ficus Lyrata Plants recommends talking to plants, but this sounds crazy!
Do you have a customer service team? Where do you ship to? What's your return policy? What’s the science to support all this information? What social media outlets are available to interact with others in the houseplant community?