Growing Healthy And Vibrant Plants

I’m Claire and I love houseplants! I created this site to share what I’ve learned about growing healthy and vibrant plants.

It drives me crazy when people tell me fiddle leaf fig plants are hard to grow. I love houseplants and there are certain plants that are really hard to grow (I’m looking at you, Maiden Hair Fern), but a ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig) is not of one them.

Fiddle leaf fig trees are one of the easiest and most rewarding plants to own. There are only a few simple things that can go wrong with them, which are easy to remedy. They are also resistant to pests and disease (unlike my 21 prize hybrid tea roses).

The trick is to understand your plant and what it needs. That’s why I created this site. It’s my goal to explain everything I know about growing a gorgeous fiddle leaf fig plant without stressing.

I hope you enjoy the resources provided here and the links to other helpful products and tools. Best of luck to you and your fiddle leaf fig plant!


About Claire

I love houseplants and am the proud owner of 18 beautiful varieties, including a half dozen fiddle leaf fig plants. My other favorite plants include Chinese Evergreen, Pothos, and Mother in Law’s Tongue. I hope you enjoy the resources provided on this site!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Grower

Claire Akin

Fiddle Leaf Fig Grower

I’m a writer and a plant lover, so I created this site to combine my two passions just for you. I hope you enjoy it!



My Prize Pig

This is my favorite fiddle leaf fig plant. I think he’s just magical and perfect. I’ve had Goose for 3 and a half years.



My Rescue Plant

I got Bruiser for $12.99 on the clearance cart at Lowe’s. I knew I could bring him back to life, slowly but surely!