About Our Ready to Use Orchid Food Spray

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Our new Premium Orchid Food Spray is ready to use on your orchid plants. Our fertilizer spray is meticulously formulated to supply the correct nutrients to your orchids and requires no mixing or measuring. Just spray and watch those blooms explode! This all in one treatment helps support root systems, [...]

How to Care for Prayer Plants

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Prayer plants are fairly easy to care for, and they’re gorgeous! They’ve been around for a while, but I’ve noticed them a lot lately at my local nursery. Prayer plants (maranta) are fascinating because they actually fold up at night like hands in prayer. Neat, right? Prayer plants are actually [...]

The Perfect Indoor Plant Fertilizer

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One of the most challenging aspects of owning a bunch of houseplants is finding the right fertilizer for each! Then you have to remember when to fertilize each plant and how much fertilizer to use. It's overwhelming! That's why we created Indoor Plant Food: To take all the guesswork out [...]

7 Ways to Ensure Your Plant Gets the Right Amount of Fertilizer

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We know that too much fertilizer is dangerous for plants (dehydration and chemical burns are no good!) as well as the common signs that a plant is getting too much fertilizer. So how do you make sure your plant is getting the right amount of fertilizer? You could always go [...]

6 Reasons Your Plant May Be Getting Too Much Fertilizer

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Just like you need vitamins, your houseplants need fertilizer. Think of fertilizer like chewy Flintstones vitamin supplements for plants. However, you can have too much of a good thing! Just like our health can suffer if we get too much of a vitamin or nutrient, we can also throw our [...]