Philodendron Fertilizer – Indoor House Plant Fertilizer – Tropical Plant Food – Urea-Free Care – Liquid Fertilizer for Indoor Plants – NPK Ratio of 3-3-3 for Healthy Roots, Stems, Leaves (8 Ounces)

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  • ARE YOU STARVING YOUR PHILODENDRON? Feed your philodendron essential nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Houseplant Resource Center’s gentle plant food is specially formulated as a philodendron fertilizer, providing key elements for growth, improving nutrient uptake, and correcting soil deficiencies.
  • THE PERFECT MULTIVITAMIN: Grow big, bold houseplants with the ideal N-P-K ratio (3% nitrogen, 3% available phosphate, 3% soluble potassium) for your philodendron. Good for growing your houseplant both indoors and outdoors. Our liquid fertilizer is all purpose and suitable for other indoor potted plants. It does a great job as a monstera fertilizer!
  • BIOSTIMULANT BLEND: Humic-fulvic acid and sea kelp extract are a plant’s best friends, boosting nutrient uptake for hearty rooting and vibrant color.
  • EASY TO USE – NO MIXING OR MESS! Gentle enough to use every time you water. Dilute one teaspoon into a cup or more of water before your plant’s weekly watering. It makes plant care simple!
  • ENJOY FREE BONUSES: Knowledge is power! Each purchase comes with a free “Ultimate Philodendron Care Webinar” as well as our Quick Start Troubleshooting Guide and our Philodendron Care eBook! Enjoy a 15% off coupon for your next purchase and access to free Q & A with our resident house plant doctor with purchase.