The Two Best Audiobooks About Plants That Will Make You A Master Gardener

Are you struggling to keep your houseplants alive despite reading multiple blogs and watching endless tutorials? Have you always wanted to try your hand at gardening but don’t know where to start? Look no further! We have the best audiobooks about plants to help you become a master gardener. 

Why We Picked These Best Audiobooks About Plants

Written by Claire Akin, the HousePlantResourceCenter master grower, these audiobooks go beyond your typical growing tips. 

As an experienced gardener maintaining over 18 different houseplants, including the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Monstera Albo, Pothos, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, and Chinese evergreen, Claire’s decades of experience will help you care for your plants and troubleshoot common issues.

But it isn’t just the ability to grow, care for, troubleshoot, and propagate plants that we love. These audiobooks also dive into the benefits of houseplants and how they can improve our lives aesthetically and physically.

Narrated in an easy-to-understand and conversational tone, these books make learning about plants enjoyable and accessible for beginners and experienced gardeners. 

Plus, with recommendations from her curated shop of growing products, you’ll have everything needed to become the plant whisperer you’ve always wanted to be.

The Best Audiobooks About Plants

1. The Last Houseplant Book You Will Ever Need: Learn How To Become A Plant Whisperer For Life

  • Author: Claire Akin MBA
  • Narrator: Text-To-Speech
  • Suitable For: Every house plant enthusiast
  • Length: 4 to 5 hours


Rarely does a book about houseplants put together an all-in-one summary that covers everything from basic care to advanced techniques. This audiobook does just that, truly making it the last houseplant book you will ever need. With a focus on not only plant care but also the benefits of having plants in our homes, this book is perfect for any grower who wants to become a master gardener for life.

What is Covered?

Weaved through the 165 pages of Kindle-friendly, text-to-speech narration, the audiobook is broken up into several parts that make learning fun, easy, and impossible to forget, including:

  • Houseplant Anatomy 101
  • Claire’s 10 Secrets for Becoming A Houseplant Whisperer
  • Treating Common Houseplant Problems 
  • Intuition-Based Plant Care Techniques
  • Lighting, Soil, Pruning, & Fertilization Techniques
  • How To Propagate Like A Pro
  • Decorating With Houseplants
  • Building A Bond With Your Houseplants

Each section provides readers with a great mix of everyday and scientific information to help them develop the skills needed to be successful houseplant owners. Plus, with its Kindle scribe compatibility, you can make sticky notes, highlight passages, and bookmark important sections to keep track of the information you find most valuable.

Why We Picked This Best Audiobooks About Plants

This book proves that with love, care, and understanding, anyone can master the art of houseplant gardening. Its comprehensive coverage allows for intuitive and common sense techniques, which make it easy to create a bond with your plants and become the ultimate “plant whisperer.” Whether you’re just starting or have years of experience, this audiobook is sure to offer new insights and knowledge that will elevate your houseplant game in no time.

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert Book

2. The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert: Your Guide To Growing Healthy Ficus Lyrata Plants

  • Author: Claire Akin MBA
  • Narrator: Simone Brooks
  • Suitable For: Beginners & Expert growers
  • Length: 2hrs


This guide covers everything beginner and experienced growers need to know about the popular Fiddle Leaf Fig plant step-by-step. Beyond basic maintenance tips found online, this audiobook delves into the benefits of growing a Fiddle Leaf Fig, its rich history, and secret techniques for keeping your plant healthy and vibrant.  

What Is Covered?

Introducing the benefits and history of the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant, this audiobook seamlessly takes you through the journey of growing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your plant with sections covering:

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Care 101 
  • Claire’s Secrets to Proper Watering 
  • How to Choose the Best Fertilizer For Your Plant 
  • Ideal Soil & Drainage Conditions 
  • Safe Pruning & Cleaning Techniques 
  • How to Perform Successful Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation

Each detailed section includes a wealth of research-based information, Claire’s personal experiences, and recommendations for the best products to ensure a happy Fiddle Leaf Fig plant.

Why We Picked This Audio Book About Plants

Claire’s ability to provide in-depth knowledge in an easy-to-understand way sets this audiobook apart from others. With Simone Brooks’ engaging narration, it feels like a conversation with a friend who just happens to be an expert gardener. Plus, the added resources for recommended products and troubleshooting common issues make it an invaluable tool for any Fiddle Leaf Fig owner. 

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Additional Resources For Houseplant Enthusiasts

These best audiobooks about plants are an excellent way to learn, but they’re not the only resource available. If you want to further your knowledge and skills in houseplant gardening, here are a few other resources we recommend.

Online Growing Communities

Whether through Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, online growing communities are a great place to connect with other house plant enthusiasts. Here, you can share tips and tricks, discuss common issues, and even trade plants with others.

Webinars & Workshops

Many expert gardeners and plant enthusiasts offer expert webinars and workshops where they share their knowledge and experiences. These can be a great way to see and hear from someone directly and ask questions for personalized advice.

Free Ebooks & Guides

Many gardening websites and blogs offer free ebooks and guides on different plant species, care techniques, and troubleshooting tips. These can be great resources for expanding your knowledge base and finding new inspiration for your houseplant collection.

Change Your Growing Game With The Best Audiobooks About Plants

Audiobooks about plants are a must-have for anyone looking to improve their green thumb. With engaging narration, expert advice, and practical tips, these audiobooks make learning about plants fun and accessible for everyone. So why not grab a pair of headphones and start your journey towards becoming a true plant whisperer today? Happy growing! 

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