How to Use Bonsai Tree Food

Bonsai are living, growing pieces of art.

Contrary to popular belief, bonsai are not their own species of tree, but are natural trees cultivated to grow at a small scale. While the word “bonsai” conjures images of gnarled trunks and tiny pink blossoms, it is possible to grow bonsai versions of anything from redwoods to willows. Each type requires slightly customized care, including a specialized bonsai tree fertilizer.

Created Specifically for Bonsai Trees

Our bonsai tree fertilizer was created as a gentle formula so that you can use it every time you water. There is no risk to burning or over fertilizing your bonsai tree with our safe bonsai tree food.

It gives your tree the steady daily multivitamin each needs every time you water. This will result in better grown and overall better health for your plant.

We created Bonsai Tree Food to support your bonsai plant health and root system. It is designed to be used every single time you water.

About Bonsai Tree Food

To eliminate the guesswork our of fertilizing your bonsai tree, start by adding a liquid 3-3-3 product to your watering can before each use.

This gives your tree a steady, slow infusion of nutrients (as opposed to sudden spikes and periods of starvation). It also helps prevent missed feedings and frees you from the hassle of developing a set schedule.

The Bonsai Tree Food is a product made with no urea, and it includes humid and fulvic acid and sea kelp extract. All of these micronutrients have been added to provide bonsais with the nutrients it needs to protect and strengthen the root system.

How to Use Bonsai Tree Food

The Bonsai Tree Food liquid formula means no mixing, no measuring, and no mess. The organic, non toxic formula is ready to use straight from the bottle.

Simply add 1 teaspoon of fertilizer into your watering can and water as normal. 

Consistently fertilizing your bonsai tree each time you water allows your tree to get consistent nutrients in a gentle and safe way.


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