How to Water a Peace Lily

Peace lilies are a classic houseplant, and not because they’re a symbol of peace and prosperity, but because they do well in lower light conditions and aren’t fussy about temperature or humidity.

However, like any plant, peace lilies have preferences about how much and how often they like to be watered, and if you want a healthy peace lily with gorgeous white flowers and deep-green leaves, you’ll want to make sure you’re watering properly!

But the question of how often to water a peace lily isn’t perfectly cut and dried. (You knew it wouldn’t be that easy, right?) You could just water on a set schedule and call it good, of course, but by doing that, you run the risk of accidentally over- or underwatering your peace lily, and you want to raise the healthiest peace lily possible!

Let’s take a deeper look at how often you should water a peace lily, really.

Watering Frequency for a Peace Lily

The most important factor in learning to water any plant, peace lilies included, is to understand how they like their soil. 

Some plants prefer to dry out all the way before you thoroughly water them. Others like their soil to be pretty moist; and still others are somewhere in between.

Peace lilies like constantly damp soil, which means you should water when the top few inches of soil feel dry to the touch. Another great way to measure this is to use a moisture meter. This is actually our favorite method because it gives you a better idea of what’s going on inside the actual root ball. 

This can also alert you to drainage problems, which you may not be able to recognize when you’re just sticking a finger in the soil. If your pot or soil isn’t draining well, it’s possible for the top few inches of soil to be bone dry while the root ball is still soaked!

If you do use a moisture meter, simply insert the sensor into the soil about midway between the base of the plant and the side of the pot, and about halfway down. Take your reading. When your meter reads 3 or 4, your peace lily is ready for a drink!

If your pot and soil drain well, your peace lily will need to be watered every 7-10 days. If you live in a warm, dry area, your peace lily may need to be watered more often. If you live in a cooler or more humid climate, you may need to water a little less often. On that same note, you may notice that your peace lily dries out a little quicker in the summer and more slowly in the winter.

Also, if you notice your peace lily drooping and the soil feels dry, that’s a good indication that your plant wants a drink!

How to Water A Peace Lily

When it’s time to water your peace lily, you can do this in one of two ways: top watering or bottom watering.

To water from the top, slowly pour water into the soil until it just starts to drain out the bottom of the pot, then immediately empty the drainage tray. You could also put the plant in a sink, tub, or shower to drain for a few hours.

To bottom water your peace lily, fill a wide container with several inches of water and place your peace lily pot in the water. The water should rise about halfway up the side of the pot and NEVER spill over the top. 

Check the plant every 10 minutes or so until the top of the soil just starts to feel damp. Then let the plant drain thoroughly. Bottom watering is great to do at least every once in a while to make sure the bottom half of the root ball is hydrated! 

Read about the pros and cons of bottom watering here.

Watering peace lilies is simple! Just test the soil every few days with a moisture meter or your finger so you can keep tabs on your plant’s moisture level. 

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