Watering your houseplants can be confusing at times. The symptoms of overwatering and underwatering your plants are very similar.

Leaves that are turning yellow, have brown spots, and are dropping, are all signs of both over and under watering.

Using our Houseplant Moisture Meter will help you become a more confident houseplant owner.

This easy to use tool will tell you how wet or dry your plant’s root system is.

Place the moisture meter halfway between the trunk and exterior of your pot. Then stick the moisture meter 2-3 inches down into the soil.

The dual-prong soil tester slips into soil and analyzes pH values, moisture content and sunlight exposure. No batteries are required, and its 3-position toggle switch allows you to obtain only the readings you need.

Grow confident in watering your houseplants and identify problems quickly by using the Houseplant Moisture Meter.