Majesty palms are one of our favorite indoor plants for bringing a tropical flair to any space without a lot of work! These plants are beautiful and easy to care for, and choosing the best pots for majesty palms can make them even healthier and attractive in your home.

So how do you choose the best pot for your majesty palm?

Majesty palms like fairly damp soil because in the wild, they grow on riverbanks in tropical climates.They also don’t like to sit in water, so you’ll want to make sure that your pot (and soil) drain well. You’ll also want to make sure that your majesty palm’s roots have a little room to grow, but not too much.

Here are some more tips on choosing the best pot.

How to Choose the Best Pots for Majesty Palms

Choose a pot with drainage

A pot with one large drainage hole is a good choice. Without drainage, you’ll risk root rot. If you have much more drainage, you may have a hard time keeping your majesty palm watered!

Pick the right size

Majesty palms like to be fairly snug in their pots, but with a little room to grow. These plants grow slowly, but the roots still need a little space. Choose a pot that’s 2-3 inches larger than your majesty palm’s root ball. Your plant will quickly get root-bound if you choose a smaller pot, and you risk over-watering with a larger pot, because it may hold onto more water than your majesty palm can efficiently use.

What about pot material?

As long as your pot is the right size and has a drainage hole, any material will do! You can choose from plastic, ceramic, or terracotta, but keep in mind that terracotta will wick moisture from the soil. This can be a good thing if you have a heavy hand with the watering can, but it can also dry your palm out too quickly. Keep close tabs on your majesty palm’s soil if you use a terracotta pot.

Other factors to consider:

Using a decorative pot without drainage

If you fall in love with a beautiful pot that doesn’t have drainage, you can still use it! Try planting your majesty palm in a plastic pot that has drainage and fits inside of the decorative pot. You can also do this with a basket, but make sure to have a drainage tray under the pot and inside the basket to prevent mold.

When you water, just remove the inner pot, water your palm in the sink or tub, and give it plenty of time to drain before replacing it. Simple!

Protect your furniture

Make sure to use a drainage tray under your draining pots, and add felt feet to the bottom so you don’t stain your furniture or floor! Unglazed ceramic and terracotta pots are especially notorious for damaging floors and tables, so make sure to take precautions.

Our Favorite Pots for Majesty Palms

Here are some good pot finds that would be perfect for the right-sized majesty palm!

The Best Pots for Majesty Palms

This pot has a built-in drainage tray and can work on its own or inside a decorative planter.

The Best Pots for Majesty Palms

These simple black planters are perfect for using inside of decorative pots.

The Best Pots for Majesty Palms

This beautiful plant stand is ideal for a small to medium-sized majesty palm. Make sure to use an inner pot with drainage!

The Best Pots for Majesty Palms

This unique pot comes in several different colors, will accommodate a medium to large majesty palm, and has a drainage hole in the bottom. Make sure to use a drainage tray!

The Best Pots for Majesty Palms

This sleek, simple planter comes in three different colors and provides the perfect size and drainage for a large majesty palm.

The Best Pots for Majesty Palms

This classic plant stand comes in several different colors and will complement any decor style and color scheme. It has a drainage hole so you could use it without an inner pot.

How to Pot Your Majesty Palm

Once you’ve picked the perfect pot, it’s just as important to make sure you have the right soil!

Majesty palms like a light, fast-draining soil that still has a little moisture retention. We recommend cactus mix with a few handfuls of peat moss mixed in or our favorite majesty palm soil mix recipe.

Once you’re ready to pot, place a few inches of soil in the bottom of your pot. Carefully remove your majesty palm from its old planter by tipping it on its side and carefully coaxing it out. Do NOT yank upward on the plant or you risk breaking some roots or stems.

Place your majesty palm upright in the middle of the pot and use a trowel to fill in the sides with soil, leaving about 2 inches of space on top. Water generously and let drain, then add a little extra soil on top if the soil settled after watering.

You’re done! Place your majesty palm in a spot with bright, direct sunlight, water regularly, and fertilize every once in a while with Indoor Plant Food.

Your majesty palm will look amazing and bring a tropical pop to your space!