Here’s how to select the best majesty palm fertilizer and our top recommendation. 

Majesty palms are beautiful houseplants, and they’re relatively easy to care for. They grow slowly, so you don’t have to repot or prune them very often. You only need to water when the top few inches of soil are dry. They’re perfect for beginners and experienced houseplant owners alike! 

While easygoing, majesty palms do need nutrients, especially since they tend to live in the same soil for a long time because you don’t repot them much. So it’s important to find the best majesty palm fertilizer to provide your palm with the nutrients it needs! 

What you should know about fertilizing a majesty palm

Don’t over-fertilize

Giving your majesty palm (or any other plant) too much fertilizer can lead to leaf discoloration and even chemical burn on the roots! It’s important to dilute your fertilizer properly and only give your plant the recommended amount, on the recommended schedule. Read the label carefully and follow the instructions, and err on the lighter side if you still aren’t sure.

If you do happen to over-fertilize your plant, here’s how to reverse it. 

Look for a liquid fertilizer

We recommend using a liquid fertilizer over a slow-release fertilizer that comes in pellets. It’s not that the pellets don’t work, it’s just that it’s difficult to control how much fertilizer your plant is getting. That leads to…you guessed it…over-fertilizing. (But make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle!)

Don’t fertilize in the winter

Majesty palms (and most houseplants) tend to experience the most growth during the spring and summer, and sometimes into the fall. This is when plants use the most nutrients as well, so you’ll want to support healthy growth, beautiful leaves, and strong root systems with an appropriate fertilizer. 

Stop fertilizing in October or so when the growth season ends. Your plant won’t be as “hungry” during the winter as it enters a more dormant growth state, so fertilizing during this time can cause overfertilization.

Find the right ratio

Majesty palms do well with a general houseplant fertilizer and don’t need a special formula. As long as you dilute the fertilizer and stick to the right fertilization schedule, your palm will be happy!

best majesty palm fertilizer

The Best Majesty Palm Fertilizer

Our Indoor Plant Food is designed to nourish nearly all houseplants, including majesty palms! 

The best part is, this fertilizer is gentle enough that you can use it with every watering from spring to fall when majesty palms experience the most growth and use the most nutrients. That way, you don’t risk over fertilizing and you don’t have to remember a schedule!

I put a little Indoor Plant Food in my watering can each Friday when I water all my houseplants, and I don’t even have to think about it. All of my plants look great, and my majesty palm loves it!

Indoor Plant Food is all-natural and organic and contains no harsh chemicals that could burn your plant’s roots or leaves. Its 3-1-2 NPK ratio makes it the perfect choice for nearly all your houseplants, not just your majesty palm. (The only houseplant Indoor Plant Food doesn’t work for is succulents.)

If you want your majesty palm to look healthy, green, and beautiful, Indoor Plant Food is a great choice! You can find it here on Amazon.

Your majesty palm will thank you!