Pothos plants are a favorite of beginning houseplant parents for their lush foliage and forgiving nature. But they still need proper care to thrive, and one of the most important parts of plant care is watering. So let’s talk about how often to water pothos plants and different factors that could affect your plant’s watering needs.

How Often to Water Pothos Plants

One of the best things about pothos plants is that they’re not fussy about their water. They won’t die if you overwater a little or if you forget to water once or twice. At worst, you’ll lose a couple leaves, but the plant will recover quickly! This is one of the reasons why these plants are so popular.

That being said, your pothos will look its best when you water properly.

A good rule of thumb is to let the soil mostly dry out between waterings. The soil should feel dry when you poke your finger in. If you use a moisture meter to determine the moisture level of the soil, you’re looking for a reading of 2-3 to indicate that your pothos is ready for a drink.

Pothos plants also tend to droop slightly when they’re thirsty, which is a great reminder if you sometimes forget to water!

So again, how often should you water pothos plants? Should you water on a schedule or check the soil every day

Around here, we always encourage you to take cues from your plants instead of being married to a watering schedule, because many different factors can affect your plants’ watering needs! (And not just pothos plants, but ALL your houseplants.)

Here are just a few factors that affect how efficiently your plants use water:

Seasonal changes. Most plants will need less water in the winter than in the summer when it’s warmer and most plants are actively growing.

How much light they’re getting. Most plants, pothos included, use watering more efficiently in brighter sunlight.

Temperature and humidity. You’ll find that your pothos plants require more water in warmer temperatures and drier conditions than in cooler temps or high humidity.

Depending on these factors, your pothos plants will probably need to be watered every 1-2 weeks. They won’t throw a fit if you water a little more or less often, but they’ll look their best if you keep an eye on the soil and leaves to know when they’re ready for more water.

How to Water Pothos Plants

When you do decide to water your pothos plants, slowly add water to the soil until it just starts to drain out the bottom of the pot.

This brings us to another important part: drainage.

It’s important to pot your pothos plant in a light, fast-draining soil (we recommend cactus mix) and a pot with drainage to prevent standing water, which can cause root rot. This condition can cause your pothos leaves to die off and eventually kill the plant!

After you’ve watered, empty the drainage tray immediately so your pothos isn’t sitting in water.

That’s it!

To summarize, plan on watering every 1-2 weeks, depending on the season and temperature. Check the soil to make sure it feels dry before you water, then water until it starts to drain.

Your pothos will look amazing, grow quickly, and probably become the star of your houseplant collection!

If you REALLY want your pothos plants to look beautiful, you might also want to add some Pothos Plant Food to your water to provide your plant with the nutrients to grow lots of beautiful leaves and a healthy root structure.

The best part is, you won’t even have to remember a fertilizing schedule! Just follow the directions on the bottle every time you water. I use Pothos Plant Food each week when I water all my plants, and they love it!

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