Top 10 Products to Revolutionize Your Houseplants in 2021

Ready to up your green-thumb game in 2021? Discover easy solutions to your houseplant problems and explore bigger items that are ideal for plant owners who are ready to take things to the next level. Discover the top 10 tricks and products to revolutionize your houseplants in 2021.


Fertilizer for your Plant

Houseplant Fertilizer to revolutionize your houseplants in 2021
Fertilizing your plant is very important when it comes to their health and growth. Be sure to look up the fertilizer requirements for your houseplant species and ensure the NPK ratios are correct. Here are the plant specific fertilizers below: 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food

Indoor Plant Food

Monstera Plant Food

Bonsai Plant Food

African Violet Plant Food

Orchid Plant Food 

Houseplant Multivitamin 

Revolutionize the Light in your Home

Solatube Lights to Revolutionize Your Houseplants

Your houseplants need proper light to thrive and grow. Many of the windows in my home are north facing and in our main room, there was not enough light to help houseplants grow. We invested in Solatube and our whole house looks much brighter and my kids and plants are much happier. 

If you are looking for an investment in your houseplants, be sure to look into tube skylights and other options to enhance the light in your home. 

Moss Poles for your Plants

This inexpensive and easy plant accessory can really help your climbing plants grow bigger and better. Moss poles will help lift your plant up and encourage it to grow. Check out the before and after Albo monstera below: 

Monstera Without Moss Pole

Monstera After Moss Pole

This simple change can make a really big difference in your climbing houseplants in 2021. 

Whole House Water Filter 


Here in San Diego, we have very hard water and our water treatment plants add choline in the water that does not evaporate. Browning tips of houseplants can indicate that there is too much chlorine in your water. So I added the following items to my home and my plants and my family are much happier! 

Whole House Water Filter

Water Softener

Alkaline Water Filter 

This is another big investment when it comes to your houseplants, but it really will pay off in the long run. 

Frost App

One of the easiest things to do to help your houseplants in 2021 is to put your plants outside. All of my plants prefer to be outside (excluding the sensitive ones). Sometimes in San Diego the weather can get cold at night, so I use an alert called the Frost App. This app sends me an alert if the temperatures will dip down too low so I can bring the plants inside. 

Whole House Humidifier

This is another investment in your home, but it was well worth it. Our air in San Diego can be quite dry and after having it installed, it was surprising the benefits of having a whole house humidifier. My asthma and allergies are much better and my family feels much better. Of course, all of my houseplants are thriving as well! 

Decorative Lights 

Decorative lights for your houseplants

Decorative lights can add a great ambiance and magic to your houseplants. They come in different colors and varieties. Battery operated, or even solar, these fairy lights help showcase your plants at night and makes your houseplants really stand out. 

Houseplant Shop Subscription 

Having a plant subscription from Houseplant Shop allows me to have 2 new plants ever single month. It’s really exciting because I receive plants that I would not normally have looked at. Learn more about the Fish Hook Plant I recently received. Another somewhat expensive item, but well worth it!

Hanging Pots

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are beautiful and fun. Ivy, ferns, and pothos are beautiful when they are hung and start to grow. This is a great way to add more plants when you don’t necessarily have the floor space to accommodate any more pots. These hanging pots are a great option to create a more magical houseplant environment. 

Your Unicorn Plant


Wether it be a variegated fiddle leaf fig or a rare succulent, 2021 is the year to treat yourself! Plants should bring you joy and if there is a special plant species you have always wanted to care for, now is the time to do it.

What other tips and products do you use to help revolutionize your houseplant experience? Come join in on the conversation in our Houseplant Facebook Community.