Top Houseplant Instagram Accounts

Houseplants are having a moment! There are many varieties of houseplants and Instagram has some fabulous accounts that highlight them. The Houseplant Resource Center has an Instagram page as well.

You can learn a lot about different types of houseplants on Instagram. The most popular varieties, which houseplants are best for your home environment, and various houseplant care tips. Checking out other houseplant accounts is fun!

Here are our top Houseplant Instagram accounts for you to follow.

Discover which Instagram accounts to follow with our Top Houseplant Instagram Accounts list. Learn more about caring for your houseplants.


The Sill features so many different types of houseplants from their shoppable collection. From videos, to featured guests, you will be sure to learn more about caring for your monstera plants here.


A plant and interior stylist, his unique photography and imagery makes anyone stop their Insta-scroll.


If light and airy images of plants are your thing, you definitely need to follow Mish @theplantvisual. Her collection of houseplants is large and she makes houseplant care easy and simple.


With over 100 plants, there are many different houseplants that are featured on this Instagram account. Follow them for houseplant education, cultivation & inspiration.


A place to discover new plants and trees to purchase and learn more about best practices, discover tailored recommendations for your houseplant needs, and read their plant experts’ top secret tips.


Maria has a ton of resources for her Instagram followers. Discover the plant parent personality test and more!


The ultimate Instagram account for all houseplant lovers. Their engaging posts will have you stopping your scroll and they love to feature other houseplant lovers as well.

Boris over at Invincible House Plants is really knowledgable about all kinds of houseplants. As his bio says, growing easy plants and sharing tips along the way.


With nearly 1 million followers, this is a community for all houseplant enthusiasts.


Deborah has a fantastic Instagram account and houseplant blog. Learn more about different houseplant varieties and the best care tips.


Michael Perry is a well known gardener and speaker in the UK. His witty posts are funny and filled with helpful houseplant care tips.


Shelley highlights many before and after photos of her plants so you can see her progress. Learn how best to care for many different houseplant varieties.


Emily has a fantastic Instagram account devoted to houseplants, decor, and houseplant care tips. Her home is her sanctuary and her Instagram feed is so aesthetically pleasing.


Erin is the creator of @houseplantclub and offers daily plant inspiration and home decor. You’ll be returning to her feed every day to see what she posts next!


Colorful images of houseplants, witty plant memes, and with every product sold equals one tree planted.