Decorating with houseplants is one of the best parts of being a plant parent!

Houseplants are beautiful is just about any context, but what’s the best way to display plants while still creating the environment they need to thrive? How can you make the most of plants in your space? 

If you’ve spent any time scrolling through beautiful plant photos on Instagram, you know there’s no limit to your choices here. You’ll find endless options for planters, shelving, and more to display your plants to their greatest effect. 

Since plants aren’t just like any other decoration though and still need certain things to look their best, here are our tips for displaying plants while keeping them healthy. 


Decorating with Houseplants


Factors to Consider when Decorating with Houseplants


Tip #1: Drainage

No matter how carefully you arrange them or how cute your planter is, your plants won’t last long if you put them in a spot where they don’t get enough light or if you plant them in a container without drainage.

So make sure that you cover the basics first: 

Make sure your containers drain well. If they don’t, you risk overwatering, root rot, and fungal growth! 

It is possible to grow some hardy plants without drainage, but this is tricky to do and requires you to pay close attention to how much water you give your plant. Make sure to do your research before attempting this. 


Decorating with Houseplants


Otherwise, look for pretty planters with drainage, double pot your plants (just slip the draining pot inside the decorative pot or basket and remove the inner pot when you water), or opt for water hydroponics for a minimalistic look. 


Tip #2: Light

The other factor you want to pay attention to is light. If your plants get too much or not enough, they’ll be in rough shape! 


Decorating with Houseplants


Choose floor space and shelves near windows when you’re looking for spots to display your plants. You can also find attractive window shelves for creating a planty window. 

If you absolutely must display a light-loving plant in a darker area, you can also use a grow bulb to supplement light. Just stick the glow bulb in a decorative light fixture like a lamp or spotlight, and you’re good to go! 

We like these bulbs for this purpose.


Here are some ideas for integrating plants into your space: 


Look for unusual planters

Whether you are into zen, minimalistic decor, or a more funky, artsy style, there are planters out there for you. You can opt for classic white ceramic or natural terra cotta, or hunt down interesting planters like this or this

You can always find beautiful planters at hardware stores, grocery stores, and online. You can go super traditional with plain terracotta pots, or you can get all kinds of colors and materials! 


Decorating with Houseplants


Check out online sellers on Etsy for unique planters. 

Repurposed planters are also a great idea! Thrift stores are an amazing source of vessels to use for planters. You can find bottles and vases for hydroponics, teacups, teapots, mugs, jars, all kinds of stuff! 

If you’re feeling crafty, try decorating your own pots! You can paint the outside of terracotta pots (but avoid painting the insides) or use glazed ceramics. Remember those pots you made in that ceramics class you took in college? Use them for planters! 

Tip: Put felt or rubber feet on the bottom of your planters do you don’t damage your furniture, floors, or window sills!

You don’t have to limit yourself to planters on a shelf or the floor. Hanging planters are super popular, and you can also get interesting wall planters (this also frees up shelf space – great for smaller spaces!)



Instead of isolating a plant in a pot, why not make it part of a mini-ecosystem? 

Terrariums are beautiful options for displaying plants like succulents and air plants. 


Decorating with Houseplants


To make a terrarium, select a clear glass container like a jar or vase. Make sure you can fit your hand inside! Then, coat the bottom with a thin layer of rocks to build your “ground” and aid drainage. 

Then, soak a handful of sphagnum moss and squeeze out the excess water. Spread this on top of the rocks. You can also add more stones or other objects as accents! 

Then, sprinkle in a little soil, enough to root plants with shallow root systems. Then you’re ready to plant your plants! Just plant them in the soil like you would normally and give them a little water. The rocks will help with drainage, but remember that the container won’t drain as other planters would.


How to Arrange Plants

Once you’ve got the planters figured out, how can you display your plant? 

Plants can make a statement on their own, so you can space them out from other plants and objects or try grouping them together! 

Try placing plants on well-lit bookshelves shelves along with books, art, travel souvenirs, and other objects for a styled, eclectic look. 


Decorating with Houseplants


You can also try A-Frame plant shelves to make sure your plants get lots of light and space to grow. 

Plants also look amazing on floating shelves, on well-lit kitchen counters, and arranged in groups on the floor. 


Decorating with Houseplants


There are endless ways to pot and display plants that will fit with your own unique style. 

How do you like to style your plants? Let us know in the comments below!