If you want the lowest maintenance plants possible, here they are! It’s so easy to learn how to care for air plants—you’ll be hooked!

Air plants are a group of plants that don’t need soil to grow. Air plants are epiphytes, a type of plant that grows on other plants rather than in soil. 

They get almost all of their nutrients from the air and they can also thrive in artificial, fluorescent light.

However, they do require water, but you can easily water them on a schedule. Just set a timer on your phone! 

They look stunning in terrariums and tend to be very small, so this is the plant for you if you don’t have a lot of light or space in your home. They’re so hardy that you can even hot-glue them to things for decoration and give them a gentle misting a few times a week. 

They can even produce flowers! 

Here’s how to care for these super low-maintenance plants.

How to Care for Air Plants


You can stick an air plant just about anywhere as long as there is some indirect sunlight or even artificial light—so anything but a dark closet. 


Air plants do need to be watered sometimes.

Once a week in the summer and every two weeks or so in the winter, give your air plant’s roots a 15-minute soak in a shallow dish of water. Place it upside down on a towel to dry, and when it’s no longer cool to the touch, put it back in its home. Make sure it’s COMPLETELY dry to prevent mold. Some smaller air plants are happy with a simple misting a few times a week, no soaking required. 

Pretty easy, right? 


Air plants aren’t fussy with their environment, so they’ll do fine in room temperatures and just about any level of humidity, as long as they don’t mold. If you’re comfortable, they’re comfortable. 

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You can do this! Air plants are gorgeous, fun to grow, and can be arranged in a ton of different ways to add a little pop of life to your space. You’ll fall in love with them!


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