How long have you had your plant? 5 months
When did the problem start? About 2 months ago
What are the symptoms of the problem? Browning leaves, leaves dropping, and fungus gnats
How often do you water your plant? Once a week
How much do you water? 1 liter
What does your drainage look like? The plant was placed directly on its drip tray until several days ago, when we realized there was still water in the tray days after we watered it last
What soil are you using? The soil that the plant came with…
How often do you use fertilizer? Neptune’s Harvest Fish-Seaweed Blend liquid fertilizer
How much sun does your plant get? Where is it in your home? Our plant sits by a west-facing window, where it receives a good amount of light throughout the day. It it located in our living room across the room from the heater.

I want to remove the plant from its pot to access and remove any root damage (we live in a NYC apartment, so this is not very easy), but I don’t want to stress it out any further. My husband thinks it is a lost cause, but I still have hope! What can we do to save our fig tree?