I recently purchased both the Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer as well as the Houseplant Multivitamin.  After watering my fiddle leaf fig with the mixture, I also used it on my baby rubber plant (I read here that I could use a 3-1-2 fertilizer for peperomia plants).  Within a couple of days the newest leaves started getting brown spots.  Pictures added.  Is it possible that the plant didn’t like either the fertilizer or the multivitamin?


Here are some other facts, per your website’s request:

  • I have had the plant for two years.
  • I water once the soil has dried out (7-10 days)
  • I water until evenly moist
  • I am a self-watering planter (though I am watering it from the top-down); there are aeration stones in the bottom of the planter
  • Soil: 1 part potting, 1 part orchid, 1 part peat
  • Gets bright indirect sunlight from a south-facing window.


Thank you in advance for your expertise and input!