We are so excited to partner with Clarissa Adekanye, who owns the popular Black Plant Moms Instagram channel. Her work focuses a lot on helping people learn how to care for all kinds of plants, as well as how being a plant mom (or dad) can help you get some more self-care in your life.

Clarissa works hard to bring more visibility to black-owned plant businesses, and one of her biggest goals is to give people of color a space to both learn about plants and share their wealth of knowledge about plants. She originally started her channel simply to encourage people of color to love plants as much as she does, and she has grown it into a beautiful business and an amazing community of like-minded people.


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Providing plant care tips and advice around plant care, gardening, choosing the right plants, and more is something Clarissa talks about frequently on her channel. Her all-time favorite plants are the pothos plant, snake plant, and many types of cacti.

Of her many accomplishments since starting her business and her social media channel, the accomplishment she is most proud of is the community that she has begun to grow that is full of plant lovers. Her reach and her message to the world are truly inspiring, and we are so happy that we have been able to collaborate with her. You can see the collaboration post on Instagram. You can also follow her on Instagram as well, or visit her website.

We hope to continue seeing amazing growth and a bustling community of plant lovers on Clarissa’s channel, and we are so excited to watch her journey!