I recently had the opportunity to do a  BloomsyBox review, a subscription company that delivers beautiful fresh-cut flowers and plants to your door on a monthly basis. As a verified houseplant nerd, I jumped at the chance to try out the plant subscription box, a plan that delivers a beautiful, established houseplant each month.

First Impressions of BloomsyBox

One of the perils of ordering plants through the mail is shipping hazards, and my local USPS and FedEx aren’t known for handling packages carefully. I was very interested to see how my BloomsyBox would hold up during shipping to my little mountain town.

And I was pleasantly surprised!

My plant arrived in remarkably good shape considering the box looked like it had been sat on. I actually gasped when I opened the box to see a gorgeous alocasia plant. The best part of this subscription box is not knowing what kind of plant I’d be getting. It was a thrill to get a plant I’ve been lusting after for two years!

The simple, classic white ceramic pot that will look great in any setting. My space is quite eclectic, and the pot looked right at home among my funky furniture and colored walls, but it would also look incredible in a more minimalistic space.

Another point about this BloomsyBox review is how the plant was packed. My BloomsyBox plant was packed very well. The pot and plant inside were both wrapped in protective, inflated plastic padding, so the pot and plant arrived in good condition despite what looked like a rough journey.

None of the leaves arrived completely unscathed. But as a habitual clearance plant rescuer, few of my plants come home without at least a few damaged leaves anyway, so this was par for the course for me. Shipping plants is a tricky business and I never expect mailed plant to arrive in perfect condition. 

The important thing is that the plant looked very healthy overall. So I set up my new alocasia buddy in my indoor jungle so it could get used to its new home.

Here is a BloomsyBox review. They are a subscription company that delivers beautiful fresh-cut flowers and plants to your door each month.

How My BloomsyBox Plant Adjusted | BloomsyBox Review

I’d never had an alocasia plant, but I have several other happy, healthy aroids, and I figured I could handle another species in the same family without too much trouble.

The plant experienced a little shock and droopiness for a few days but recovered surprisingly quickly, especially for a mail-order plant. It was still a bit squished from the journey, but it relaxed after a couple of days.

I watered the plant a day or two after it arrived when the potting soil felt dry. The plant was potted in a plastic liner that I could easily remove from the ceramic pot to let drain in the sink on watering day. The potting substrate was very peaty and mossy, which I found to stay wet for quite a while. 

A few of the smaller, older, lower leaves quickly yellowed, which could have been a result of overly damp potting mix or from simple shock. I pruned those (4 in all), and I plan to repot the plant into something that drains faster after it’s had a little more time to adjust (I prefer to wait a few weeks after bringing a plant home before repotting to mitigate shock). I prefer a chunkier potting substrate anyway, especially for aroids.

BloomsyBox Review Conclusion: Overall, I enjoyed my BloomsyBox and I’m considering getting a subscription for some of my planty friends for Christmas!

How a BloomsyBox Subscription Works

BloomsyBox offers several different subscription plans. It really couldn’t be easier!

If cut flowers are your thing, you can choose a subscription plan for fresh-cut bouquets with 3 different tiers based on stem counts. You can choose to have these delivered weekly or biweekly.

You can also choose a pet-friendly bouquet subscription and even get a monthly bundle of eucalyptus for your shower!

The plant subscription plan I tried delivers an established houseplant or variety of plants to you each month so you can build up your indoor garden over time. Each plant arrives in a classic, contemporary ceramic pot and comes with care instructions so you can take the best possible care of your new plant friend. 

Over time, you’ll accumulate a variety of different types of plants that are easy to care for whether you’re a seasoned expert or a houseplant newbie!

Here is a BloomsyBox review. They are a subscription company that delivers beautiful fresh-cut flowers and plants to your door each month.

Give BloomsyBox a Try!

After this BloomsyBox review, I found that my plant adjusted very well to its new home, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. (And that’s saying something because I have over 30 houseplants!)

Overall, I loved my experience with BloomsyBox, and I think it’s a fantastic way to build your houseplant collection and try out new plants. And who wouldn’t love getting surprises in the mail every month?!

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some green to your home and you love surprises in the mail, give BloomsyBox a try!