Flowers make excellent gifts, and for many of us, they’ve been our go-to gifts for housewarming, sympathy, Valentine’s Day, and many other gift-giving occasions when we just aren’t sure what to give. But we find that houseplants are a better gift than your typical floral arrangement for just about any occasion!

Want to step up your gift-giving game? Ditch the flowers and opt for a houseplant instead! 

Here are our top reasons why houseplants make great gifts.


4 Reasons Why Houseplants are a Better Gift than Flowers

#1: They last longer

A bouquet of flowers might look beautiful for a few days, but before long the petals start falling off, it starts drooping or drying out, and then your recipient has to throw the whole thing away. Why not give a gift that lasts longer?

A houseplant can stay alive for years if given proper care so your recipient can enjoy your gift for much longer! 

#2: Houseplants create less waste.

Most flower bouquets come wrapped in cellophane or another form of plastic and may contain additional products like floral tape, wire, and even plastic accessories like balloons and other add-ons.

Houseplants may come in a plastic nursery pot, but this pot can be reused for seed starts or sometimes recycled. If you want to take this a step further, you could also give propagations from your own plants as the perfect zero-waste gift! 

#3: Houseplants are healthy

Not only are houseplants beautiful to look at, but they can remove toxins from the air and provide a source of fresh oxygen in your recipient’s home

There’s also something wonderful about having a living, breathing plant in your space. It’s like bringing a little piece of nature inside, which many people find incredibly soothing. 

#4: Plants are fun to care for

Of course, there are those out there who don’t like caring for houseplants (we find these people very weird) but many people—even self-proclaimed “black thumbs”—love having a low maintenance plant around.

If your recipient isn’t an avid indoor gardener, nurturing an easy-to-care-for plant can be a great confidence builder. And if your recipient already loves plants, a houseplant is an easy gift that’s sure to be a hit!  

Tips for Giving Houseplants as Gifts

Start small

The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your friend with a massive monstera or a 6 foot fiddle leaf fig, so try giving them something on the smaller side like a little succulent in a cute planter, a young pothos plant, or a small snake plant. 

Choose something that’s easy to care for

Unless your recipient is already an experienced indoor gardener, make sure to stick with low-maintenance plants. 

We’ve written about several of these on the Houseplant Resource Center, and here are our top recommendations. 

For more ideas, check out our post on the easiest houseplants to grow.

Avoid toxic plants if your recipient has pets or young children

If your friend has cats, dogs, or small children that might try to sample the new houseplant, stick with something non-toxic. 

Here are a few good choices for harmless, low-maintenance plants: 

Consider the light and humidity of your friend’s home

If your friend’s home has fairly low light, stick to a plant that does well in lower-light conditions. If you live in a dry area, your recipient might enjoy a plant that thrives in low humidity. You don’t want your friend to have to run out and buy a humidifier or grow light just to keep their gift alive! 

The Perfect Gift for All Plant Lovers

If your friend already owns several houseplants or is just getting started, another great gift idea is the perfect fertilizer for nearly all houseplants:

 Houseplant Resource Center - Indoor Plant Food

Indoor Plant Food is designed to be added to every watering, so it’s super easy to use and helps houseplants grow strong stems, healthy roots, and beautiful leaves! The best part is, you don’t even have to remember a fertilizing schedule. I just mix a little into my watering can every week when I make my rounds. Simple!

Try giving a houseplant for your next birthday, holiday, or housewarming party!